• In Surgut came to one of the victims in the explosion of private homes. Second to

    In Surgut came to one of two survivors of a gas explosion in a private house, which is in gardening partnership “Tulip”. Doctors say his condition as stable and observed a positive trend. The second victim is still in intensive care, specialists are fighting for his zhizn.Napomnim, an explosion occurred on October 19 about 14 hours in summing up the pipeline to a private dwelling house, located on Cherry Street. The house was completely destroyed. Suffered six men, four of them mertvy. Kak said in an interview “SurgutInformTV” squeezed Andrew Sharipov, during the explosion, he and his team finished installation of water supply and sanitation. In parallel, this time in the basement of a team working gas industry. “They usually come together, and at that time there were four of us. How long could not understand the device of the boiler, considered the control panel, read the instructions. I made a remark to them that the room smells of gas. They told me not to teach them to do their work “, – said Andrey Sharipov.V for an hour until there was rubble, he was lying on the construction tool, called the” iron “, which solder iron construction. As a result, received severe burns and lost pochki. Otmetim that the victims of the explosion could be more. A colleague Andrew Sharipov during the incident went to the store for lunch. It was he who first summoned help. Rescuers say that the explosion was equal to the power of 10-pound charge of TNT. The two-story building has turned into a pile of bricks, did not survive even a concrete perekrytiya. Nachalnik Surgut garrison fire Oleg Belokon spoke about the difficulties faced by rescuers while parsing the rubble. “We were in cramped conditions. There was no place for the location of more technology. Worked by hand with just one tap to remove only the largest fragments “, – said Oleg Belokonnyy.Po fact of explosion investigation committee of the Prosecutor of Ugra criminal case under Art. 216 Part 3, “Violation of safety rules, resulting in the death of two or more persons.” Now pass examinations to determine the cause of proisshedshego. Ssylki on the topic: From under the rubble exploded in Surgut House learned 3 more pogibshihV Surgut gas explosion occurred in a newly built private house, killing one person



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